Nurses Aides Training Program

On February 14, 2019 we launched a Nurses Aides Training Program for refugee women in Lebanon, and nineteen women have graduated end of May with a Nurses Aides Certificate. This program is important because educating refugee women and teaching them nursing skills does not only give them value and skills, but it affects their entire families and communities positively. 

These were our goals with the course:

  1. Teach nursing basic skills
  2. Teach hygiene in order to minimize contagious diseases in their communities
  3. Create work opportunities for them by giving the participants a certificate when they complete the course
  4. Create an opportunity for evangelizing through the Discovery Bible Study (DBS)
  5. Vocational training 
  6. Empower women in these communities by increasing the degree of autonomy and self-worth

This is what the women were saying about the program:

Fatima, who has a child with congenital problems said: The course is helping me to give better care to my child.

Q is a young girl who has a physical disability and can't walk well. At the graduation ceremony Q shared, under tears, that before taking the course she would never leave her camp to go out because too many would look at her and make demeaning comments. But because everyone in the program took care of her and loved her, she gained self-confidence and now dares to go out more frequently.

A is a teenager girl who went through the nursing program as well. She lost her father during the war, and her mother told our instructors that she used to be very depressed before attending the nursing classes. Fortunately, now everyone can see that this training changed her not only because she learnt many skills, but it also gave her new hope, joy and community. 

Shahed, a teenager who is attending the course said: When I get married I’ll be able to be a good mother because I learnt many things during the nursing course.

“When we educate and empower women they can be a channel of transformation. They can change their families, their neighborhood and their community.”Sarine Demirjian, Program Coordinator


We plan to enroll a new class of students in the Nurses Aides Program in the fall. Every $ spent in this store helps educate, heal, feed, and change lives. Buy with confidence knowing that your support is priceless and your purchase gives hope!

- Lina