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She Gives Hope functions as the store for our non-profit Living With Power Ministries, founded by M.D. Lina Abujamra100% of our store profits go to support our medical and humanitarian efforts in Lebanon and Ukraine. 

Living with power humanitarian work

Living with power ministries medical-humanitarian work

Living With Power MInistries humanitarian work Lebanon

Our vision at Living With Power is to bring hope to the world. One of the primary ways we accomplish this goal is by meeting urgent physical needs in disaster areas. Our founder, Lina Abujamra, is a Pediatric Emergency Room doctor with over 20 years of medical experience. Because of her expertise in both emergency medicine and disaster relief, our work has primarily focused on urgent medical needs and setting up health care systems in local communities. We also establish educational programs to help empower the most vulnerable populations and equip them with hope for a better future.

Our global humanitarian work began in Lina’s birth country of Lebanon at the onset of the Syrian refugee crisis. In 2020 we expanded our efforts to the Lebanese people after the devastating explosion in the downtown of Beirut.

We also give hope to the Ukrainian people and refugees as the country has been ravaged by an unexpected and tragic war.

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Every time you make a purchase, you will be bringing hope to the world.

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