Stripped Bible Study

Stripped Bible Study

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Do you want to live a life that is greatly used by God? Do you long to make a difference in the world? 

In Stripped, Lina explains the process that God uses to transform you into a person who is ready to receive all that God has planned. You will learn:

  1. Pain is not the enemy—it’s the very road God uses to make you stronger.
  2. The Christian life isn’t easy, but God’s presence is your guarantee for joy no matter what you’re going through.

Lina helps you to think biblically about your calling and dreams and uncovers the truth about the transformational power of the gospel. Stripped is a book for every person who longs for more but is often surprised that the road usually begins with pain—the pain of being stripped.

The Stripped Bible Study includes:

  • 10 video sessions (30 min)
  • Discussion Guide 

How It Works:
Upon purchase you will be emailed a downloadable resource with the details to access the study. 

Recommended: Do the study with your small group or team. 

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